The GT & Supercars rally through the Châteaux of the Loire Valley!


What is Castles Rally?

CASTLES RALLY: The GT & Supercars touristic rally through the Loire's Castles!

A unique experience based on discovery,, la conviviality and automotive passion. It is also an opportunity to discover castles with privileged access for your car as well as you. 

Nearly400kms of driving pleasure during a week-end, connecting the most beautiful castles of the Centre Val-de-Loire region, from the most famous to the most confidential. 

During this touristic rally on open roads, you will have the opportunity to visit elegant castles steeped in history, to discover the refined gastronomy and also to taste the wines of vineyards. 

This event will also allow you to meet and exchange with other car enthusiasts about your passion and your experiences.

A weekend where cultural heritage and cars will be closely intertwined!


Castles Rally is organised in Centre region, in the vicinity of Tours. Located 2 hours and a half from Paris and 1 hour from Le Mans, Tours is a city of art and history, renowned for its monuments and its gastronomy.

The Center-Loire Valley region has more than 2500 castles to discover,from the smallest to very large ; from the medieval fortress to the jewel of the renaissance, there is something for everyone.

an exclusive route

We have prepared a unique road trip, where the driving experience is enhanced by the quality of the tracks and enhanced by the rich regional heritage.

Accompanied by your roadbook, you will discover castles that you already know from their notoriety, but Castles Rally is more than that! 

No question of taking highways or major roads! You will drive on the country roads to discover hidden gems.

Castles rally in 3 words

automotive passion

Meet other people with the same passion as you.


The Centre region has a remarkable and internationally recognized heritage.


French gastronomy, elegant and refined, will be honored during our event.

they trust us